This Friday the Philadelphia Science Fiction Society will be holding their annual Hugo Panel. I and four other foolhardy panelists (and five alternates) have spent the past few months reading every word of the 2015 Hugo Awards fiction nominees. Now we will finally get a chance to discuss the relative merits of these stories, including how we would rank them for the voting. This year’s Hugo Awards have been dogged by controversy but tonight there will be no politics or puppybaiting, just the question: are these stories any good?

If you’re interested and live near Philadelphia (which judging by my website stats is very few of you), it all kicks off at 8:30pm on Friday 17th July, 2015 at International House, 3701 Chestnut Street. It should be an entertaining night; while there are a number of good things on the ballot (most of the Graphic Novels category is excellent), there are some pretty bad things too, and excoriating reviews are always the most fun.

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