List of authors in alphabetical order,

Abe, Kobo – The Magic Chalk

Abraham, Daniel – The Cambist and Lord Iron

Aichinger, Ilse – The Bound Man

Aiken, Joan – The Green Arches

Allen, H. Warner – Tokay of the Comet Year

Anders, Charlie Jane – Six Months, Three Days

Aronovitz, Michael – Toll Booth

Arsenieva, Elena – A Birch Tree, a White Fox

Asimov, Isaac – The Billiard Ball

Bacigalupi, Paolo – Yellow Card Man

Ballard, Robert D. – Explorations

Banks, Iain M. – The Player of Games (part 1)

The Player of Games (part 2)

Barker, Clive – Rawhead Rex

Baxter, Stephen – The Pacific Mystery

Beach, Rex – The Weight of Obligation

Beagle, Peter S. – Professor Gottesman and the Indian Rhinoceros

Bear, Elizabeth – Mongoose

Bisson, Terry – Bears Discover Fire

Bloch, Robert – A Toy for Juliette

Borges, Jorge Luis – The Immortal

Boyle, T.C. – Big Game

Bradbury, Ray – Punishment Without Crime

Brand, Max – Wine on the Desert

Breathed, Berkeley – Bloom County and Trump

Brin, David – The Crystal Spheres

Brooks, Sarah – Trans-Siberia: An Account of a Journey

Cabell, James Branch – The Music from Behind the Moon

Campbell, Laurence – Cosmonaut X

Campbell, Ramsey – The Tugging

Calvino, Italo – A General in the Library

Card, Orson Scott – Ender’s Game (novelette)

Carr, John Dickson – The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers

Carr, Terry – Touchstone

Carroll, Sidney – A Note for the Milkman

Chappell, Fred – The Adder

Cherryh, C.J. – The Only Death in the City

Chiang, Ted – Understand

Chopin, Kate – A Pair of Stockings

Clarke, Arthur C. – Reunion

Counselman, Mary Elizabeth – The Three Marked Pennies

Crawford, F. Marion – The Screaming Skull

Dahl, Roald – Man from the South

Das, Indrapramit – The Muses of Shuyedan-18

Davidson, Avram – Writ in Water, or the Gingerbread Man

de Camp, L. Sprague – Aristotle and the Gun

di Filippo, Paul – What’s Up Tiger Lily

Doyle, Adrian Conan – The Adventure of the Wax Gamblers

Doyle, Arthur Conan – The Horror of the Heights

Duncan, Andy – Senator Bilbo

Dunsany, Lord – The Fortress Unvanquishable, Save for Sacnoth

Dunyach, Jean-Claude – Separations

Dyer, S.N. – The Nostalginauts

Effinger, George Alec – Two Sadnesses

Eliot, George – Silly Novels for Lady Novelists

Ellin, Stanley – Fool’s Mate

The Specialty of the House

Ellison, Harlan – The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World

Somehow, I Don’t Think We’re in Kansas Anymore, Toto

Eschbach, Andreas – The Carpetmaker’s Son

Ernst, Paul – The Microscopic Giants

Farber, Sharon N. – The Nostalginauts

Fass, Mark – Last Seen on September 10th

Fitzgerald, F. Scott – Winter Dreams

Ford, Jeffrey – Exo-Skeleton Town

Fraser, George Macdonald – Flashman and the Tiger

Fried, Seth – Frost Mountain Picnic Massacre

Gaiman, Neil – The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories

Nicholas Was

Galloway, Edith – Bears Discover Catholicism

Gardner, James Alan – The Ray-Gun: A Love Story

Gibson, William – Disneyland with the Death Penalty

Gilman, Charlotte Perkins – The Yellow Wall-Paper

Glover, Elizabeth M. – MetaPhysics

Gogol, Nikolai – The Overcoat

Gold, Horace L. – Trouble with Water

Greene, Graham – All But Empty

Gregory, Dane – Jackie Won’t Be Home

Haldeman, Joe – Graves

Hamilton-Peterson, James – Three Miles Down

Harrison, Harry – The Streets of Ashkelon

Hawthorne, Nathaniel – Earth’s Holocaust

Herodotus – The Thief versus King Rhampsinitus

Hill, Joe – Abraham’s Boys

Hobson, Charlotte – The Bottle: A Provincial Tale

Howard, Robert E. – Skull-Face

Jackson, Shirley – Got a Letter from Jimmy

Jensen, Jan Lars – Happier Days

Johnson, Kij – 26 Monkeys, Also the Abyss


Spar (The Bacon Remix)

Jones, Stephen Graham – Welcome to the Reptile House

Notes from the Apocalypse

Keith Jr, William H. – Fossils

Kelly, Mary Quella – The Poetry of Fantasy

Kessel, John – Creating the Innocent Killer

Kiernan, Caitlin R. – Standing Water

King, Stephen – Mrs. Todd’s Shortcut

Kobo, Abe – The Magic Chalk

Kornbluth, C.M. – Theory of Rocketry

Langan, John – The Wide, Carnivorous Sky

Lee, Mary Soon – PauseTime

Leiber, Fritz – Lean Times in Lankhmar

Lem, Stanislaw – The Dragons of Probability

Levine, David D. – I Hold My Father’s Paws

Lewis, Sinclair – Let’s Play King

The Willow Walk

Lin, Zhu – The Festival of Graves

Link, Kelly – Catskin

Lovecraft, H.P. – The Silver Key

The Rats in the Walls

Lowndes, Robert A. – Settler’s Wall

Lupoff, Richard A. – Nothing Personal

Machen, Arthur – The Great God Pan

Mamatas, Nick – Arbeitskraft

Mann, Anthony – Esther Gordon Framlingham

Matheson, Richard – The Distributor

Disappearing Act

Malzberg, Barry N. – Turpentine

Marshall, Helen – Blessed

Martin, George R.R. – Portraits of his Children

McConnell, Malcolm – Explorations

McDonald, Ian – The Tear

McIntosh, Will – The Fantasy Jumper

McIntyre, Vonda N. – The Adventure of the Field Theorems

Millering, Kris – A Word Shaped Like Bones

Monette, Sarah – Mongoose

Moorcock, Michael – London Bone

Moore, C.L. – Black God’s Kiss

Morrow, James – Isabella of Castile Answers her Mail

Naiman, Eric – When Dickens met Dostoevsky

Newman, Kim – The Chill Clutch of the Unseen

Palahniuk, Chuck – Negative Reinforcement

Park, Paul – The Tourist

Parker, Dorothy – The Standard of Living

Parks, Richard – The Man who Carved Skulls

Phillips, Arthur – Wenceslas Square

Pohl, Frederik – The Hated

Pollack, Rachel – The Pickpocket’s Destiny

Porter, Katherine Anne – Rope

Price, Robert M. – A Critical Commentary on the Necronomicon

Reed, Robert – Alone

Rennie, Alistair – The Gutter Sees the Light that Never Shines

Reynolds, Alastair – Monkey Suit

Richerson, Carrie – With By Good Intentions

Rivera, Mercurio D. – Snatch Me Another

Rosenblum, Mary – Water Bringer

Russ, Joanna – Nobody’s Home

Sansom, William – The Long Sheet

Saunders, George – 93990

Schweitzer, Darrell – What This Story Needs is a Giant Gorilla

Seamark – The Perfect Crime

Shearman, Robert – The Bathtub

Shteyngart, Gary – Shylock on the Neva

Simenon, Georges – The Little House at Croix-Rousse

Sinisalo, Johanna – Baby Doll

Spencer, William Browning – The Ocean and All Its Devices

St. George, Carlie – This Villain You Must Create

Sterling, Bruce – Flowers of Edo

Stross, Charles – The Midlist Bombers

A Tall Tail

Sturgeon, Theodore – The Sheriff of Chayute

Sturges, Matthew – Cleansed and Set in Gold

Synder, Midori – Tattercoats

Taylor, Peter – The Gift of the Prodigal

Thomsen, Brian M. – The Case of the Skinflint’s Specters

Thurber, James – The Macbeth Murder Mystery

Tiptree, Jr, James – Houston, Houston, Do You Read?

Todd, Reyna – Ill Met in Tanivar

Troy-Castro, Adam – Dead Like Me

Turtledove, Harry – The Last Article

Ulibarri, Sarena – The Bolt Tightener

Vakesh, Carolyn – Capture, Courting and Copulation: Contemporary Human Mating Rituals and the Etiology of Human Agression

Vakesh, Steve – Capture, Courting and Copulation: Contemporary Human Mating Rituals and the Etiology of Human Agression

Vance, Jack – The Moon Moth

Viets, Elaine – Red Meat

Wellman, Manly Wade – But Our Hero Was Not Dead

Westlake, Donald E. – Too Many Crooks

Wharton, Edith – The Other Two

Whitlock, Dean – The Million-Dollar Wound

Williams, Joy – Eternally Yours

Willis, Connie – Just Like the Ones We Used to Know

The Soul Selects her own Society

Wodehouse, P.G. – Scoring Off Jeeves

Wollheim, Donald A. – The Rag Thing

Wyatt, Arthur – Cosmonaut X

Yolen, Jane – The Malaysian Mer

Zelazny, Roger – The Keys to December

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